For some of us, 40 is more of a crossroads than a milestone.  

You’ve created a successful career, your kids are creeping towards independence, even your relationships have solidified.  Now, you think you will have the time to focus on your health and losing weight,  but you continue to struggle with exhaustion and no matter what you do, you just can’t stick to a diet.  Something always comes up.  You feel stressed and tired.  You just can’t focus on yourself. 

This is how I found myself spending my time in my forties –  constantly looking for the right diet plan or the right exercise regimen.  I even became board certified in Obesity Medicine, so I would know exactly what to do.  Guess what?  It wasn’t enough.   Oh, I knew the science, but I still felt out of control around food.  I still wanted to turn to food and alcohol  to manage my stress.  I continued to gain weight.  

It wasn’t until I found myself on my own coaching journey that I discovered the secret to losing weight and keeping it off for good.  Through coaching, I learned to trust myself around food and I learned to eat to live.    I no longer needed to turn to food or alcohol to manage my stress.  I was no longer living to eat. 

And the best part of it?   You can do this too.  As a certified Weight Loss Coach who knows weight loss science, I can help you figure out why you continue to eat against your will and help you lose weight for good.  Sign up for a free twenty minute consultation and see what coaching is all about.