Joe’s Thumb is here someplace!

Did your diet just go up in smoke with last Thursday’s fireworks?  You are not alone my friend.  So many of us let the holidays annihilate our best laid diet plans.  We love to connect with friends and family around a long table of delectable treats.  Everyone is laughing and talking and eating and we do not want to miss out.  It is the quintessential FOMO or fear of missing out.  You’ve also got your Aunt Mabel pushing the homemade peach ice cream or cherry cobbler at you like a life raft off the Titanic.  How many more times this summer will peaches and cherries taste this good?  Using this logic, we can make everything feel scarce and necessary to eat RIGHT NOW!   Throw in a festive cocktail with a sparkler (or two) and you have a recipe for blowing up your diet like your neighbor does with all those Excalibur Artillery Shells.  (Anyone’s dog semi-permanently hiding under the bed?) 

Look, everyone loves a good summer party and I am partial to any celebration that has a theme.  But parties are so much more than excuses for eating more food.  Learn to enjoy the camaraderie of your friends.  Meet new neighbors or find out something unknown about a family member. If nothing else, make fun of your cousin Joe trying to open a beer without his thumb he lost last year lighting an M80.  Life is about making memories so don’t let the burden of food chatter ruin your great time.  

Summer is coming to an end and we want to give you INDEPENDENCE from food.  At A Better Weigh we will help you lose the desire to say EFF it to your plan and gain confidence in your commitment to weight loss.  July is almost filled so call us today and end your summer with a true bang!

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