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Welcome to weight loss during the pandemic.  If you are like some, you may have gained a few pounds over the past several months (is it STILL 2020?). Maybe you are trying to diet and maybe you aren’t. Do you want to know a dirty little secret about the weight loss industry? Shhhh….. diets don’t work. WHAT????  I know.  I’ve seen the same Facebook Ads hawking the latest and greatest with a skinny filtered millenial  leading the charge.  The problem with diets is they work about 20% of the time for any one of us.  Your friends on social media love to tell you about all the weight they lost but what they don’t tell you, or maybe they don’t even know yet, is that weight loss is temporary (but you know that from personal experience, right?). The evidence is pretty clear. Only 1.8 % of people who go on any diet, whether its counting calories, counting points, squeezing your food into color coded boxes or even dialing out macro nutrients on an app, lose weight permanently. Think about that. Would you accept 1.8% solution rate for ANY OTHER PROBLEM ON THIS PLANET? No, of course you wouldn’t so stop believing in diets for weight loss.

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