How do you reach your goal of weight loss?

Action leads to outcomes, right?  Let’s say you want to learn to speak Spanish.  Maybe you order an online course or go to a school that offers a class.  At first you are motivated to learn because you have A GOAL.  You learn the basic vocabulary and grammar; you practice your pronunciations and you study.  You are taking action or creating a system to learn Spanish.    But not everyone who takes action will achieve the goal they desire.  What is it then that separates those that succeed from those that don’t?  Here is a hint:  It’s not the goal or even the action.   The true achievers are those that develop a belief system or an identity to drive the behaviors to reach the goal.  They believe in the process even more than the outcome.  You stop being a person that wants to speak Spanish and you become a person that speaks Spanish. 

Let’s look at weight loss.  Your goal is to lose 100 pounds.  You can choose to create a process of losing weight by changing your eating habits and maybe developing an exercise plan.  This is changing your process.  That might get you to lose 10 or even 20 pounds.  But, unless you are willing to change your belief system, your weight loss will stall.  You have to believe you are a person who will lose weight.  You have to believe you are a person that sticks to your plan no matter what.  You have to believe you are person who chooses healthy habits.  Changing your beliefs allow you to maintain your process long after it become hard or tedious or boring.  You are no longer a person who wants to lose weight but rather a person who is working on losing weight. 

Instead of focusing on your goal, I want you to focus on who you want to become.  Do you want to be someone who chooses healthy behaviors or someone who is constantly changing diet plans?  Do you want to be someone who eats like a thin person or someone who cheats on their plan?  The most freeing news of all is that your belief system comes from within.  You don’t need an outside force to make you change, you have it all inside your brain.  Now, it’s up to you to decide who you want to become. 

Let me know what you think....