Do you emotionally eat?

I used to think that emotional eating meant scarfing down a tub of ice cream after heartbreak or eating a nachos supreme after a particularly trying day at work. It didn’t occur to me that emotionally eating also applied to celebrations and the mundane. I for one used to think that a party wasn’t a party without party-food, cake and ice cream. I mean why bother with the party if it doesn’t include killer food, right? But buffering of any type, including making everything more fun, is still buffering and it is still emotional eating.

So, how do you know if you are emotionally eating? I recommend becoming aware of your eating practices so for the next week and watch how you eat. Do you ever eat when you aren’t hungry? If the answer is yes, you are an emotional eater. Do you ever eat more food than you wanted to or that you had room for? Again, if the answer is yes, then you are an emotional eater. The last question might stir up a little controversy but I think that it might be the most important one.

Are you overweight? If you are, then you are overeating for what your body needs and by my definition you are an emotional eater. Don’t worry if you are shaking your head and disagreeing with me. I was the same way. Emotions aren’t my strong suit so there was no way I was an emotional eater. In fact, under extreme stress I tend to not eat at all so I really couldn’t see how I ate in response to feelings. But I did and I learned some tools that helped me identify my feelings and the thoughts that were causing these feelings. Good news is that I could change my thoughts so that I no longer needed to turn to food to feel better. The even better news is that you can too.

Are you ready to feel better without resorting to overeating ? Let us at A Better Weigh MD help you learn to manage your feelings and create your best life yet.

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