Too Busy……

Hands up if you’ve ever thought you were too busy to lose weight.  I guess we are all waving our hands like we just don’t care because everyone is busy.  December seems like it might just be the busiest month of the year what with the card sending, present buying, tree decorating, cookie making, candy eating, social media surfing, amazon perusing and craft cocktail drinking going on.  There is just too much to do to even think about losing weight. That’s what January is for right?  

Unless, of course, you are like me and busy is just a convenient excuse.  Truth is I can waste time with the best of y’all and y’all are right there with me.  I know, I know, you really do think you are too busy to plan what you need to eat and go to the grocery store and take the time to cook.  Here comes some tough love – you aren’t.  I promise.  If you don’t believe me you can create your own research project.  Pick a day next weekend and record everything you do that day and  how much time it takes.  You will find that there are small pockets of time and large pockets of time available.  I dare you to try it but realize that when you do, your busy excuse is out the door.  Busy is just a thought error.  We all have plenty of time.  

So what now?  Get busy losing weight.  Plan 21 meals that you can make with little thought and eat them in rotation.  Make sure that you always have the staples.  Check your fridge and pantry.  Create one or two meals for lunch and eat the same thing day after day.  Make your back up plans and a back up plan for your back up plan.  Once you have narrowed your focus down and know what you are eating, you will release so much time and brain energy into the universe you will wonder why you hadn’t thought to do this before.  Now plan out your week and get back to the holiday cards-19 days and counting until the man in the red suit drops down the chimney.  



Let me know what you think....