What the heck’s a weight loss coach???

Full disclosure – I am a Certified Weight Loss and Life Coach and I am biased.  If only I could be Oprah I would hand out life coaching to everyone in the audience like she does new cars.  I don’t know a single person who couldn’t benefit from a life coach.  

Ok, now that’s out of the way, I can answer the burning question of what do we coaches do?  We transform lives.  I like to think of myself as a fairy godmother.  You already have everything you need to lose weight permanently, you just need my help to believe in yourself and your ability to transform your future.

Like all good coaches, I see your raw potential and I can help you move past what’s holding you back.  We work together to figure out why you turn to food in times of stress and discomfort and why willpower only works for so long.   As your coach, I teach you the tools to change your relationship with food and with yourself.   These are the tools to permanent weight loss success.

Like any endeavor that requires a coach, this work requires practice.  I’m there keeping you accountable and teaching you the skills to become accountable to yourself.  Sometimes you need a coach that can give you a hug, virtually of course, and sometimes you need a coach that will give you a gentle push in the right direction.  I’m here to do both.

On December 22and I will be offering a free webinar to answer all of your questions about A Better Weigh MD so stay tuned for information on how to get signed up so you can transform your life in 2021.  

Let me know what you think....