Pandemic 20 (or 5,10,15)

Pandemic 2020 sure wreaked havoc on some waistlines, mine included.  I really thought I had this food thing down and then March 2020 hit with worries of illness, virtual schooling, business concerns and quarantining.  Like most of you might have done, I turned to my favorite food group, chocolate, for relief from stress.  You know what?  It worked.  That’s the kicker about buffering with anything.  It works in the short term.  Chocolate in my mouth = instant relief.  I saw the scale go up some and for a few short minutes one morning I panicked.  How could I, a weight loss coach forget what I teach my clients?  

I tell you, it was easier than I would have thought.  But only for a hot minute because my big girl brain kicked in and reminded me I’m human and I was just trying to find relief in the easiest way possible.  I’ve been doing this long enough now to know that easy in the moment makes for hard in the long run.  I put the brakes on the food buffering and went back to the basics.  Decisions ahead of time, planning my food, limiting my flour and sugar and most importantly,  regular coaching.  All of the actions including getting coaching weren’t driven from my fear of gaining weight though.  All of those actions that helped me get back on track came from the simple thought of “I know how to lose weight”.  And I can teach you both the tools of how to lose the weight and the mindset to keep it off permanently.  

If you’ve had interest in A Better Weigh MD but have been too afraid to schedule a consult with me, I’ve got an unbelievable offer for you.  On Tuesday, December 22, I will be hosting a webinar “Let’s lose the Pandemic 20” and you are more than welcome to join me.  I will explain how and why my program works AND I will give you some solid tips on how to get the weight off and keep it off for good.  

So, if you are tired of turning to food for comfort and gaining weight during times of stress, click the button below to get registered for the webinar.  Don’t worry.  You can stay in your jammies through the whole thing and no one will be the wiser.  

XO  Dre


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