Almost There

I am limping across the finish line after the holidays and really have some magical thinking around the new year.  2021 is going to be better, right?  Please tell me it is because I am over 2020.  I’m ready to start anew and you might be too.  Have you given any thought to starting that brand new diet on January 1?  I have just a one word directive-DON’T.  Diets are restrictive by nature and our brains rebel against restriction.  That’s one of the many reasons typical calorie restriction diets don’t work.  

You know I love to say this but it bears repeating.  Weight loss is really about what’s in your brain and less about what’s on your plate.  If you have a well managed mind you have a well managed plate.  I know you might think I’m a little woo woo with this but tough tittie said the kitty, it’s the truth.  If I’m wrong, then why are you still struggling with your weight?  If diets worked, you would be thin.  I know, I’ve been there.  

Ok, so 2020 is ending (PTL) and 2021 is upon us.  Take a chance on doing something different this year.  Don’t diet but do  join up with me to learn how to manage your mind. A well managed mind is a beautiful thing.



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