I mentioned the 50/50 of life in my last post and it probably bears mentioning  again.  Life is 50/50.  Half the time we are going to be experiencing good stuff and half the time we will be dealing with the negative.   When we accept this concept, we can stop chasing the eternal happy.  When you aren’t spending your energy trying to be happier you get to experience life on a bigger scale.  

When THERE isn’t better than HERE you can stop judging yourself and have your own back.  So what does this have to do with weight loss?  So many of us are harbor the idea that once we’ve lost the weight we can finally be happy.    It can be a huge blow to wake up at goal weight and find out that your life isn’t better, your happiness isn’t more.  You have your life, it will continue to be 50/50 even if you are in a thinner body.  

Most of you are thinking that I don’t have a clue.  You know you will feel better about yourself and your life when you are thinner.  I know because I’ve thought it myself.  Truth is  you won’t feel better about yourself when you hit a magic number on the scale unless you’ve gone through the process of accepting yourself now.  Learning to have your own back means that you don’t have depend on something outside of you, like the weight on the scale, to feel happy or sad or any emotion.   You get to choose how to think and feel about everything and this skill will allow you to get to your goal weight no matter what.  Your 50/50 gets bigger because you can trust yourself to feel any emotion.  You can trust yourself to not respond with food to feel better.  You get to choose the life you want to lead on your own terms.  This is Life Coaching.  


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