I can’t get motivated…..

How many times have you told yourself that you can’t do something because you don’t feel motivated? I hear this all of the time.  I can’t get motivated to lose weight.  I can’t find the motivation to exercise.  I’m not motivated right now to start something new.  We all say we need to get motivated but I want you to stop.  When you say you can’t get motivated you shift the responsibility of motivation to an external force and that force will never just pop up and hand that motivation to you on a silver platter.  You won’t get motivated waiting on the lightening bolt to light your fire.  

Instead you have to CREATE your own motivation.  You have to GENERATE your motivation with your brain.  You have to SUPPLY yourself with your own motivation from within.  Motivation comes from knowing what you want and making your success your priority.  Motivation comes from having a compelling reason that you are committed to no matter what.  Motivation is doing something because you said you would not because you want to.  

Feeling motivated is within your reach and I can help you uncover your inner power to create your own motivation.  Join me for a webinar on Motivation on Tuesday, January 26th where I will give you three tips on keeping up motivation and share with you how an awesome weight loss coach can help.  




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