What are you willing to do?

You only need to do about 5 things to get your weight loss started.

  1.  Stick to eating only three times a day. 
  2. Plan your food for the day.
  3. Write down your plan.
  4. Follow your plan exactly.
  5. Review your results in 2 weeks.  

That’s it.  I can almost guarantee you weight loss if you follow those 5 steps over the next two weeks.  Try it and see.  If you don’t lose weight, I bet you didn’t follow at least one of those steps.  

How can I be so certain about this process?  Because you are human and most of us humans think alike.  And this thinking part?  This is what keeps us from losing weight.  It’s not the food.  It’s your brain.  

Are you willing to give this a try?  Are you willing to try to prove me wrong?  I double dog dare you.



Let me know what you think....