Punxsutawney Phil says…..

Seriously, that rodent is a Ph*cker.  Six more weeks of winter is six more weeks of dry skin and staticky hair, layers to go outside and layers to shed during a hot flash, and wanting to eat to stave off the winter doldrums.  COME ON SPRING!  Except Winter is what we have and evidently will have for the next month and half (if you are into rodents predicting your weather).  I’ve decided to accept it for what it is and think six more weeks of cute boots and hats, not wearing a coat because who needs one with menopause, and the end of hibernation.  This is the perfect time to knock off a few of those winter pounds and gain some new thoughts.

My weight loss goal is on it’s way.  

My food plan is my guide for success.  

Nourishing food is an adventure.   

These are thoughts I’m going to CHOOSE to think because I get to choose any thought and those will serve me.  Those thoughts create a sense of well being and motivation.  Those thoughts will get me the results I want in six weeks.  

What results do you want?  You have the complete power to strive for any result because you have the option to choose what you want to think.  Yes, weight loss is not about the food but about the mindset.  Create your thoughts and reach your weight loss goal.  

Take that Punxsy Phil.

Let me know what you think....