3 Glaring Myths That Have TO GO

So, I was scrolling through the news on my phone one morning and I saw an article about weight loss.  I just had to see what “they” were promoting.  What I read made my jaw drop and frankly pissed me off.  Now I don’t remember what the news source was but I was on the second tier of new stories.  It wasn’t the LA Times but it wasn’t Buzzfeed either.  (It wasn’t Apple paid content either because I refuse to give Apple any more of my money and I’m an Apple fan).  Anyway, the article recommended that people trying to lose weight should eat every 3-5 hours to maintain a steady state of insulin.  I couldn’t believe it.  Friends, I don’t expect the media to be super savvy when it comes to medical knowledge but I do expect to have them try to avoid information that makes you gain weight in a “how to lose weight” article.  

I know I’ve spoken to y’all in the past about insulin being our fat storage hormone and high levels of insulin will make it very hard, if not impossible to lose weight.  But here I was reading something online about weight loss that was just bullsh*t.  Seriously.  Please don’t eat every 3-5 hours if you want to lose weight (unless your physician wants you to for a rare medical reason).  After 40 we have enough physiologic insulin resistance we don’t need to pile on more of the fat storing hormone.  

While this article pissed me off, I also realized that this wasn’t a peer reviewed medical journal so I kind of shrugged it off.  I just thought about blogging about it and let it go.  BUT…….something else I read made me about blow a gasket.   

I was actually looking at a source that lots of medical professionals turn to when looking for broad information about a subject.  It’s kind of like a private Wikipedia for people in the medical field.  The information is generally written by someone or usually several someones felt to have expertise in the field.  There are a crap ton of resources to look up if you want.  Now to be clear I was not specifically looking for weight loss  but  information about using diet to treat  another condition.  I’m looking at this information and I see the words “recommend losing weight by following a low fat diet and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables”.  Ok.  Low fat diets don’t work long term and that line of thinking went out in the early 2000s.   And of course you should eat plenty of vegetables.  The more the merrier, right?  But you should not be eating plenty of fruit.  Fruit has sugar and sugar raises your insulin levels thereby promoting the storage of fat on your body.  I smacked my head and then went to their source page and I swear I didn’t see many articles from the 2000 on.  Yes.  These people who are writing for a well educated, medical savvy population just regurgitated more bullsh*t about how to eat to lose weight and their source articles were out of date.  Uggh.  How can I expect the lay media to get it right when even medical professionals don’t know any better?

Let me sum up the three myths that have gotten me up on my high horse:

1.  Eat every 3-5 hours to keep your insulin levels up

2.  Eat low fat 

3.  Eat plenty of fruit

I’m on a crusade to round up some of the falsehoods of weight loss.  Send me your favorite piece of weight loss advice and I’ll see if I can do a little myth busting so that you can see the scale move in the right direction.  And stay off your phone for news.  

3 thoughts on “3 Glaring Myths That Have TO GO”

  1. Thanks for the post. Question in the intermittent fasting. Does that really work for weight loss?

    1. It depends on what you mean by intermittent fasting. Can you clarify if you mean increasing time between meals, eating only twice a day or a prolonged period of fasting?

      1. A nurse i met a the vaccine clinic wS telling me she is on intermittent fasting. She fasts 14 to 16 hours daily. Usually from 8pm to 10 or 12 the next day.

        She tries to drink mostly water, and limit non vegetable carbs. She does eat small amounts of fruit.

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