Wherefore art thou motivation?

Can we all take a minute to commiserate on how hard it seems to lose weight in our 40s?  Crap, I used to stop drinking beer and buying candy bars when I wanted to lose weight in my 20s.  But now?  I only have to look sideways at a carbohydrate and the scale bounces up like a kid in a bouncy house.  Getting older has its advantages but easy weight loss isn’t on the list.  By  now you probably have a go-to diet that’s worked in the past (in the short term that is) and you don’t want to pull it out because you know it’s going to be a slog.  You are going to be hungry, hangry and down right miserable to be around and no one around you wants you to restart that diet because we remember.  

As we cross the threshold of the third quarter of life, we take on a little physiologic insulin resistance that makes it just a wee bit tougher to tap into our stored energy supply.  Our brains will try to convince us that we NEED carbohydrates to function.  The thought of giving up the stuff you love to eat seems impossible.  Couple that with remembering the misery of “falling off the wagon” on your last diet and regaining your weight, is it any wonder that motivation can’t be found?

Just like your friends and family, I don’t want you to diet either.  Instead, I want you to learn how to use your metabolism for you and to tap into your fat stores to create energy.  I do want you to learn how to eliminate excessive hunger and carbohydrate cravings.  I do want you to feel in control of what you eat and how you nourish your body.  The 40s can be fabulous and clearing your life of food drama can be amazeballs!

To create motivation from within, start by figuring out what your HELL YEAH reason is for weight loss.  It’s got to be so tight you know you will lose your weight this time for good.  Your reason needs to build you up and has no place for shame.  Love your reason and be open to trying a different pathway in order to change the way you think and act.   Let’s figure out what works for your body and brain and create long term weight loss and lose the diet mentality for good.  



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