Live toads and whatnot

When I was a kid, someone once gave me some advice that I took to heart.  I don’t remember the exact phrase but basically it went something like this:  If you eat a live toad first thing in the morning the rest of your day will be great!   Don’t panic.  Eating a live toad is NOT part of my program.  In fact I’ve never eaten any kind of toad but I do subscribe to the philosophy of getting the hard stuff out of the way first.  This spills over into my work with weight loss.  When my clients first start working with me, we focus on nutrition and changing metabolism first.  The live toad part is when I recommend that my clients give up flour and sugar completely for at least 4-6 weeks.  SCREEEEEEECH, y’alls brain just made a sound like a needle going across a record album.  Doing this quickly, though, means that the pain is short-lived.  Giving up the stuff that jacks up your insulin will give you quicker weight loss, decreased hunger and fewer cravings.  With your brain calmed down, you can focus on the WHY you want to eat the stuff that drives weight gain which is the way you get to real and permanent weight loss. 

When you join my program, we work together to create a protocol or eating plans that work for your tastes, your lifestyle and you comfort level.  In order to create the framework, I do recommend a few rules and I’ll share them with you if you want to get a jump on your summer weight loss.  Remember, this is the live toad version!

  1. No flour and no sugar
  2. No snacking
  3. Eat fats (try to eat the healthy fats – monounsaturated fats)
  4. Eat protein with each meal
  5. Stop eating when you feel full

For those of you who can’t fathom eating a toad live but would consider if cooked, I’ve got a plan for you too.  The trade-off is slower weight loss and more mind management work because your cravings will take longer to go away.   You will also find you are hungrier and you will have to limit your calories.  This means more work in tracking your food AND you will have to calculate grams of sugar.  This plan is more in line with a traditional plan and ultimately you will have to go over to the dark side and give up flour and sugar but here is the cooked version of eating toad:

  1. Eat three meals a day, no sugar with first meal
  2. Eat protein with each meal
  3. Eat MUFA but keep your calorie intake to 1600 or less
  4. Limit sugar to 10 teaspoons or less a day
  5. Drink water until pee is clear

Most of you aren’t about to eat a toad of any kind and hey, that’s ok too.  You can still move towards weight loss by incrementally changing your habits.  Change one thing at a time and do it every day for three weeks (the minimal time it takes to create a habit).  I’ve created a check list of 17 things you can change to affect your weight.  If you take on these habits you will find yourself able to lose weight but remember our ultimate goal is permanent weight loss.  To keep your weight off you have to figure out why you are driven to overeat.  My way takes the hunger part out of the equation so it makes figuring out the why a whole lot easier.    The live toad version may seem impossible to you right now but so might permanent weight loss.  Give yourself a chance.  You might find you like to eat amphibians after all. 

17 Incremental Ways to Lose Weight

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