Diving for donut holes…..

I made a huge mistake the other day.  I gave The Freck a donut hole.  Sometimes my prefrontal cortex is asleep at the wheel.  Sugar lights up my brain so why did I think my dog’s brain wouldn’t be similarly affected?  You might be thinking “how the heck does she know that?” and I’m fixin’ to tell you.  The holes were for the boy child and he ate like 3 and then left the bag on the table.  In spite of The Freck’s rigorous training to not counter surf he  evidently reached up to help himself to the tasty treat bag and all.  Of course I’ve got to walk in on him and I immediately shove my hand in his mouth (I still don’t know why that’s my first impulse) and try to drag some half mangled balls of smushy dough out from under his like, for real, canines.  Got some indentions to prove it because he wasn’t giving that donut hole up.  That got me to thinking about getting some NIH funding to do MRI scans on squirrel boy’s brain while giving him different food.  I bet his brain lights up with sugar just like ours does.  In truth, I don’t really know but I will tell you that I’ve wrasselled a piece of trash steak out of his mouth with less difficulty.   

Anyway, this post is about that six-carbon molecule that is my nemesis:  Sugar.  That sweet stuff that’s linked to all kinds of diseases including heart disease and some cancers.  We all like to think we don’t eat that much but a we are constantly filling our system with the stuff.  Now listen, I’m not saying sugar is Satan and a little bit truly won’ t hurt you but when you think about your average soft drink having 13 or more teaspoons per serving you need to stop and think.  Arsenic too can be tolerated in small amounts but we know better.  We actually know better about sugar too but it tastes too darn good to let it go.  

Speaking of lighting up our brains, when we ingest the sticky stuff we are continually rewarding our brain for offering us all kinds of thoughts that are directly linked to cravings.  You know about cravings.  That’s that urge to eat something NOT on your plan.  Cravings were the bane of my existence until I learned how to manage them without resistance or giving in.  I know what  it’s like to need to be strapped to a restraining board to keep from eating an Oreo.

This information is too good to keep to myself so I am going to offer to you, my dear readers, the chance to learn about cravings with a free online training I will be offering in the next 10 days or so.  Keep your eyes peeled for the notification and sign up.  Learn how to keep a craving from derailing your day or your diet.  Cravings keep us from moving forward.  And listen, you don’t want to be caught like a Freckles with a donut bag hanging out of your mouth.  

Let me know what you think....