Rushing to nowhere

I live in a relatively small town.  20 minute drive from one end to the other.  No one has to be anywhere in a hurry unless it’s for a medical emergency or fire.  That does not stop stomp fool idiots from driving like they have to get to a head trauma stat.  Weaving in and out of “traffic” like a Ricky Bobby with a live cougar in the car. I’m always amused by someone cutting me off only to end up at the light on second street side by side.  Dude, and it’s always a dude, you neither look cool nor did you win.  I know it might be a blow to your ego to let my 2010 Ford Flex with the zombie family sticker on the back beat your suped up car but hey, it’s Owensboro and you don’t look like a neurosurgeon rushing in to the OHRH.  

Speaking of rushing, let’s talk about your desire to lose weight fast.  We all want to be skinny yesterday but weight loss is not a sprint but rather a marathon.  I’ve seen so many would be success stories drop out because they aren’t losing weight fast enough.   The other contenders for the RUSH award are those who try to cut corners with their eating plan by slipping into the whole diet thing.  I know what I’m talking about because I’ve done it too.  

You start counting calories and sneaking it on an app.  You start trying to exercise more or harder or longer.  Maybe you even turn the temperature up because working out in a sauna makes absolute sense.  You start punishing yourself because you ate an extra piece of fruit.  Maybe you stop putting a little butter on your beans because it’s high in fat.  Whatever you do because you want to lose weight fast is the wrong way to go.  You can’t get to the end of weight loss because nutrition is forever.  The decisions you make have to be from a place of long term stamina and health and not from a place of restriction and punishment.  

When you restrict, you rebel.  When you rebel, you say Eff it.  When you say Eff it, you eat all the food.  Instead, look at how you want to eat for the rest of your life.  Yes, I too want to eat all the donuts and ice cream but I also know how crappy I feel and how dangerous it is for my long term health.  You are never going to be able to eat all the foods high in flour and sugar and lose weight so turn your attention to what you can live with.  Can you eat flour and sugar once or twice a week?  Can you be willing to lose weight slowly so you can learn how your body processes food?  Can you give up the idea that there is a finish line?

Instead or the diet sprint,  practice some self love and approach your weight loss with a sense of patience and practicality.  No one is going to lose weight fast AND KEEP IT OFF so get out of your fast car and jump into the Flex so you can cruise down Weigh Loss Lane.  

Let me know what you think....