I know I talk a lot about sugar but really, other than causing excessive weight gain that may lead to long term, life shortening disorders such as diabetes, is sugar really that bad?  Yes, it is unequivocally that bad.  At least in the way that we have it presented to us on a silver platter with our modern day diets.   A little sugar from foraged fruit is ok.  Constant dumping of refined sugar into our blood stream is not.  

We have a fabulous mechanism for handling the sugar we put into our mouths but this system wasn’t designed to handle the never ending amounts.  Occasional fructose from fruit and lactose from dairy is generally well tolerated.  But, when we overload our system with refined sugar, the system will ultimately break under the strain and stress.  The problem is we are gradually poisoning ourselves and we don’t know it until it’s too late.  Here’s a little experiment you can try.  Give up sugar and flour for 30 days.  Then, eat something super sweet like a cupcake.  I’d recommend you eat the sweet thing on the weekend because you will be overwhelmed with how bad you feel.  Now, imagine how your body is doing with a huge amount of sugar on a daily basis.

Pretty scary in my mind.  Now if all of that sugar was turned into a storage unit that just sat around and waited until we needed energy, sugar wouldn’t be as bad of an actor.  Unfortunately, excess sugar gets turned into fat which is not the inactive substrate we once thought it was.  Rather, it is metabolically active and not in a good way.  Fat or adipose tissue releases inflammatory chemicals into our system and it’s the inflammation that is responsible for the metabolic dysfunction that occurs with obesity.  Where else have you heard about inflammation recently?

Oh, yeah, you’ve heard about inflammation with that nasty little virus Sars-CoV-2.  Covid causes heaps of inflammation especially in the respiratory system.  In fact, it’s the overwhelming inflammation of the lungs that creates the damage and causes us not to be able to breathe.  Imagine for a moment, you are already suffering with metabolic inflammation from your weight and now you add on the inflammation from Covid.   It’s no mystery why we are seeing people with obesity requiring hospitalization and ventilation in greater numbers than their age matched counterparts.  

It doesn’t look like Covid is going anywhere real fast  so do YOUR part to keep yourself healthy.  Get vaccinated.  Wear a mask.  Wash your hands.  Lose weight.  Your lungs will thank you.



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