I need to make amends.

I made a mistake with my last blog post and I would like to apologize.  Following the post, I was supposed to give you the formula for calculating how many teaspoons of sugar are in a food and I forgot.  But, this week I will correct that blooper.  Ok, so here goes:

Grams of Carbohydrates – Grams of fiber/5 = tsps of sugar

Let’s practice.  Go grab a couple of items from your pantry.  I’ll wait.  Ok, what did you get?  I grabbed almond butter, an apple and Count Chocula cereal.  The apple doesn’t come with a label but I know it has about 4 teaspoons of sugar.  Now let’s look at the almond butter:  

7 grams of C – 0 grams of Fiber/5 = 1.4 teaspoons of sugar.  That’s like a packet and a half.  Not bad and if I pair it with the above apple I’m at about 5 tsps of sugar, about a third of what I should take in.  

How about that cereal?  I loved BooBerry when I was kid and I always get my kids a box to start the Halloween season.  Evidently BooBerry is their favorite because we are left with The Count.  And no, I typically don’t buy all three flavors but I made that mystical trip to the Sam’s club this weekend.  I digress, back to our maths.  

31 grams C – 2 grams of Fiber/5 = 5.8 tsps of sugar.  

Hold up.  I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking I’d much rather have a cup of the sweetened cereal than an apple with almond butter.  But would you really?  How full do you think you would feel and that’s without the milk.  By 8:30 I guarantee you would be famished.  Do you know what the secret is?  It’s the fat in the almond butter.  It will keep you pleasantly full for some time.  

Most of you have tried programs where you count points or carbs or something.  And, you know you can game the system and eat total crap and stay under your total.  (From personal experience, a cheeseburger happy meal with a Diet Coke is about 6 points.)   You can continue to play the game with yourself and eat the crap and keep yourself under 15 teaspoons of sugar but why do you want to?  You wind up craving more sugar and gaining weight in the process.  You know I love y’all but we have got to have a come to Jesus moment.  Cereal is not food and adults do not eat Frankenberry.   So put that bowl down and grab your calculator instead.   

One more thing.  Calculating the teaspoons of sugar is not the way I want you to go about living your life.  This weight loss thing has to be easy.  Instead, use this formula over the next week to just see how much sugar your everyday food contains.  You will not be pleasantly surprised.  


Let me know what you think....