Mysteries of Menopause Part II

I’m back and I still don’t have a Gianni Versace blue leather suit.  If you don’t know what the Freck I’m talking about, go back and watch the video from Klymaxx on my last post.  You ladies from the eighties know that this is some good jam.  And, if you are a lady from the eighties, you are likely perimenopausal or menopausal.  Yay for us!

So we are getting a middle section and we are not happy.  By we of course, I’m using the royal sense of the word meaning I.  I am not happy with my mid section pudge and I set out to figure out what we could do about it.  As I mentioned in my last post, the science out there is scare.  I can’t tell you the exact mechanism of why the loss of ovarian hormones like estrogen and progesterone result in weight gain but it happens to most of us.  What I can tell you is that the first 10-15 years of menopause act like a period of functional insulin resistance.  That means that your body requires a little higher level of insulin to keep your blood glucose level steady.  Higher levels of insulin, otherwise known as our fat storage hormone, leads to hunger and weight gain.  The change in our hormones also leads to a decrease in lean muscle mass and an increase in fat mass which results in a slowing of your metabolism.  It’s like nature decided that once we were through ovulating, we were through needing as much food.  Damn it.  

All of this means that we have to be even more cognizant of how we are increasing our blood glucose levels.  We can no longer eat flour and sugar with abandonment.  We can no longer eat past our full stage of our hunger scale.  We can no longer not exercise.  We can no longer not give a darn about what we eat.  

This is great news!  We can now focus on getting healthy and staying healthy.  I like to think of menopause as my third quarter.  If you like sports, or even if you don’t, you never think of giving up in the third quarter.  Generally you come back from halftime (which is what I am going to call perimenopause because it can be a shit show) with a new sense of purpose and a new found energy.  I suggest you take on this period of time of your life in the same fashion. GET READY FOR YOUR THIRD QUARTER.   

So how do we prepare?  We focus on eating for nourishment and energy.  We stop using food for entertainment and use it for fuel.  We eat only what we need to – eat only when you are hungry and stop when you are full.  Get the necessary rest.  Actively destress.  Stop using food for your dopamine hits.  Basically double down on all the things I’ve already shared.  Use this time wisely and with purpose. Figure out what your reason for your third quarter is going to be and GO FOR IT!

Let me know what you think....