About me

Hard working OB/GYN, mom of two, wife, small business owner, chief dog walker – no wonder I struggled to lose the last 40 pounds of baby weight. After a decade of trying every fad diet and failing I got fed up and went back to school to find out why diets weren’t working for me. In the process, I found out all about metabolism, medication, exercise and even surgery. I learned that the slogan of “calories in = calories out”–the leading hypothesis of weight loss–was bunk. In 2017 I became board certificatied by the American Board of Obesity Medicine, which makes me one of the few obesity specialists in my region. Learning all about the science though wasn’t enough. In my own weight loss journey, with the help of weight loss coach Katrina Ubell, MD,  I discovered tools to help me get to the bottom of why I gained weight in the first place and what was stopping me from getting the results I wanted.  This life changing endeavor inspired me to open my own clinic, A Better Weigh MD,  devoted to sharing my expertise to women like me and just like you.   

So many of us have spent our adult lives on others; raising families, building careers, helping our communities.  It’s time to focus on you.  If you are frustrated with the struggle of dieting then let me show you  a better way to lose your weight for good.