Dr. Dre’s Rocket Guide to Weight Loss

NUMBER ONESTOP DIETING.  Seriously, cease and desist with the calorie counting, the measuring, the macro nutrient recording and the adding of the points.  Diets don’t work.  We have 200,000 years of evolution that keep calorie restriction from working and 50 years of scientific data to prove it.

Number TwoCUT THE CRAP.  By crap, I mean cut flour and sugar out of your diet.  You have to, that sh*t is killing you.  Really, all flour and all sugar even the fake stuff, even the “healthy” stuff.  If you don’t, your insulin level will remain high and your body won’t even realize you are overweight.  Most of weight loss is about correcting your dysfunctional metabolism and this is a great first step.

Number ThreeSTOP OVEREATING.  If you are overweight, you are overeating.  Most of us have lost the ability to tell when we are truly hungry and when we are truly full.  Once you cut the crap (flour and sugar) out of your diet, your metabolism starts to work better and you can actually tell when you are physically hungry as opposed to emotionally hungry.  What is physical hunger?  That is when you will eat something gross to satisfy your belly (like cold unseasoned tofu).  All the rest is BS.

Number FourBS.  We all have some floating around in our brains and causing us to overeat.  Trust me when I say that if you overeat, you do so to make yourself feel better.  Figure out what makes you feel bad so you can work on fixing it.

Number FiveCOMMON SENSE.  It is amazing at how little we have when it comes to weight loss.  We are constantly bombarded with too much false information and not enough facts.    Start by sleeping 8 hours, drink water until your pee is clear, meditate and journal.  All of these things lower your stress hormones like cortisol and ghrelin.  Better hormones = better weight loss.

In all seriousness, being overweight is linked to 290 known diseases.  I want you to lose weight so that you can be healthy.  Following those 5 steps will help you to drop weight but sometimes you may need more.   Just like professional athletes need a coach to help them be their best, you might benefit from coaching too.

If you would like to work with me to learn how to do steps 1-5 and more, call the office today.   We want this to be the last time you ever have to lose weight.