Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from our patients. 

How do I know if I am a candidate for a weight loss clinic?

Every person is different.  General requirements for weight loss would include appropriate age, appropriate body mass index or % body fat.  Our schedulers can help you determine if you are a candidate.  We generally accept patients age 14-65, although minors will need to have at least one family member active in the program.  Body mass index or BMI is a non specific measure to diagnose weight or obesity.  Generally we recommend a BMI > 27 to join our program.  If you have significant health issues we may consider seeing you if your BMI > 25.  If your % body fat is > 32% you may be a candidate as well. 

How does your program differ from other weight loss programs?

Our program treats weight as the complex medical disease that it is.  Each new patient undergoes a medical history, a brief physical exam and appropriate lab work to determine an individualized plan.  In addition we use technology such as body composition analysis to direct our treatment.  A Better Weigh MD is led by a physician who is certified in the medical treatment of weight so you can be assured that our program is safe and effective.  We also understand that weight loss may be the easy part.  From the first visit, we start preparing for your maintenance phase.  We also know that factors other than nutrition can play a critical part in weight gain.  We address both external and internal factors that may be impeding your progress.  

What kind of diet and exercise plan do I have to follow?

At A Better Weigh MD we don’t believe in “diet and exercise” protocol-driven weight loss.  Each person is metabolically different and requires an individual nutrition plan.  One of the amazing aspects of our program is that you get to shop in the grocery store for regular food.  If you have to “buy” certain kinds of foods or restrict your calorie intake by “dieting” you will not maintain long-term if needed.

Do I have to take medications to lose weight?

Weight is a complex metabolic disease which has many causes.  At your first visit, we will address your specific medical history to determine if medication is right for you.  The evidence has shown that some medications aid in weight loss.  At A Better Weigh MD we use FDA approved medications for weight loss.  One thing is certain; we will never recommend a medication that unsafe for you.  

What kind of results can I expect?

Every person is different and results vary from patient to patient.  While we want you to lose weight we also want you to be your healthiest self.  Evidence has shown that weight loss of 10% of your beginning body weight will change your metabolic parameters for the better.  We track your progress in terms of pounds lost along with lost inches, changes in body composition and lowered blood pressure.  We also track clinic wide results and we currently have a 98% weight loss for the first month with an average of 8.4 pounds lost during that first month.  

What is the cost of the program?

 A Better Weigh MD is a six month program and is designed to be followed as such from beginning to end.  The cost includes a full medical evaluation by Dr. Moore, individualized treatment plan and monthly education modules designed to teach the principles for permanent weight loss.  Your progress is tracked metabolically as well as by weight loss.  Each month you will have a coaching session with Dr. Moore and will have unlimited access for questions and journal review.  We are certain our program will work for you and have a 100% money back guarantee.  

Can I do the program if I have had bariatric surgery?

Absolutely!  Individuals who have had bariatric surgery have different nutritional needs and we can individualize your treatment plan to make sure we are meeting your macro and micro nutrient requirements.  We may need to do more frequent lab analysis and we would work in conjunction with your bariatric surgeon.  

I am considering bariatric surgery.  Should I do your program instead?

As a bariatrician, Dr. Moore believes that bariatric surgery is an important tool in the fight against weight gain.  In fact, some weight loss surgeries can bring about beneficial metabolic changes.  She is excited that Owensboro has recruited a bariatric surgeon and believes that both medically and surgically directed weight loss should work hand in hand.  Generally before weight  loss surgery you will need to undergo a six month evaluation that includes a formal weight loss program.  Come to us for a weight loss plan that will work both before AND after surgery.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

Again, our program uses real food for real people.  We will help you formulate a nutritionally sound program no matter what your restrictions.  Dr. Moore grew up with food allergies and knows how tough it can be.  She does not want your weight loss to be any more difficult than it has to be, so she will work with you on food ideas.  

I have gained so much weight that I am EMBARRASSED to join.  Do I have to weigh there?

First, Dr. Moore is on a mission to convince everyone but especially her patients that weight gain and obesity are medical disorders that have health consequences.  Did you know that if you are overweight you have a 50% change of having a decreased life expectancy?  Weight gain is not a failure of willpower or a moral failing.  The epidemics of weight gain show that weight is not a product of being lazy.  Americans are some of the hardest working people on the planet and we still have an epidemic.  Dr. Moore does not judge your blood pressure and she won’t judge your weight.  Please don’t let your learned shame of your weight stop you from seeking treatment.  We want to teach you to treat your disease and to that end we need to measure your weight on a calibrated scale.  You can weigh in private and we don’t mind if you want to strip down to your skivvies to weigh.