Dr. Dre’s Rocket Guide to Weight Loss

Number One:  STOP DIETING.  Seriously, cease and desist with the calorie restriction.  Diets don’t work.  We have 200,000 years of evaluation that keep calorie restriction from working and 50 years of scientific data to prove it.  

Number Two:  CUT THE CRAP.  By crap, I mean cut out the flour and  sugar out of your diet.  You have to; that shit is literally killing you.  Really, all flour and all sugar, even the fake stuff, even the “natural” stuff.  F&S keeps your insulin level high, which tricks your body into thinking  you don’t need to lose weight.  

Number Three:  STOP OVEREATING.  If you are overweight, you are overeating.  Sometimes, we lose the ability to tell when we are truly full.  We keep eating because we don’t realize we have consumed enough energy to run our bodies.  Guess what causes this?  Yeah, insulin.  Once you cut the crap and lower your insulin, you will be able to tell when you have had enough.

Number Four:  BS.  We all have some floating around in our brains.  This BS makes us feel bad about ourselves, and we turn to food to make us feel better.  If you can figure out that food never solves the problem, you are halfway there.  

Number Five:  COMMON SENSE.  It’s amazing how little we have when it comes to weight loss.  We are constantly bombarded with information on the best way to lose weight but not enough facts.  Start by getting enough sleep and water.  Decrease your stress with walking or meditation.  These things will lower your stress hormone, which can keep you overweight.